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1965 born in Kiel |  grew up in Hamburg |  in Switzerland since 1996

1 wonderful woman  |  2 wonderful sons

- songwriting

- Concerts in various line-ups

- Readings, dance performances, competitions, various band formats, street music,

- Studio + composition projects, free pop and much more

healing powers in music (intensive occupation and study of the topic)

Training to become a naturopath with a diploma (Heilpraktikerfachschule Hamburg)

- Social therapy ( Seehalde Foundation , Seon AG)

- "SeehaldeEnsemble" (structure, direction and concert activities by a 12-person ensemble with tutors and supervisors (Seehalde Foundation)

- "Klangräume" (foundation and management of a music studio) (Seehalde Foundation)

Music therapy training ( Orpheus School for Music Therapy , Lenzburg AG)

Theater music for "Ein Michaels-Spiel" (Seehalde Foundation, Seon AG)

- Jazz guitar workshop with Michael Sagmeister  (France)

- Theater music for "Der Lügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch" by Michael Ende

  (Seehalde Foundation)

Band workshop "The Prisoners" ( JVA Lenzburg AG)

Band project Arxhof band ( Arxhof , Niederdorf BL)

- Guitar school gitarre + (formerly "Saitenwege", Schafisheim AG)

- various crossover projects (language | images | movement)

- Regular coaching with various bands, ensembles and solo artists

Has im Gras (solo guitar, vocals, arrangements) (cover band, Menziken AG)

Theater music and high school band coaching for "uncontrolled"
(Antigone adaptation in collaboration with spielart , Lucerne)

Foundation of HANSHERZFUSS

Music teacher in class (primary and high school)

(Schafisheim AG | Seengen AG | Teufenthal AG | Volketswil ZH)

"freePop" (live composition project)

- "NoLimit" (studio composition project)
- Music for the Matter project (landscape and travel theater about Bernhard Matter)

- Ensemble workshop 11./12. Class ( studio school , ZH)

Choir direction ( Aabach singer , Hallwil AG)

School band project ( Seengen School , Seengen AG)

"SONGBIRD - Song-Session-Circle", formerly "Time After Time"

(popStubete & liveSongs to join in)

Music / dance / theater workshop 10th grade (studio school, ZH)

- "HANSHERZFUSS on stage"

   (Summer concerts at various locations  with all HANSHERZFUSS participants)

- Founding  walk a mile in my shoes & friends

  (Club concerts | sofa concerts | Music for parties | SONGBIRD )


- Guitar lessons, song singing based on guitar / piano, ensemble

  (Music school  Schafisheim AG)

- "wildFang" playground and creative laboratory for music activists

- Choir direction (Choir Ammerswil, Ammerswil AG)

"sing & sound"

- Singing lesson (Seehalde Foundation, Rombach AG)

- Singing circle (Falkenhof nursing home, Aarburg AG)

FLYING FISH (Live Ambient Improvisation Project with Georg Traxler, Keyboards)

Album "Playground" by Sebastian-Lion (arrangements, guitars and co-production)

Music teacher "Academy for Anthroposophical Education" ( AfaP )


since 1981







since 2004


since 2006








since 2014


since 2015

since 2017

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since 2019

since 2021


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