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for solo performers, duos, ensembles and bands

Design of expression, arrangement and sound

This is all about you: the unique way in which you present yourself, your unmistakable expression.

Musical habits or certain preferences sometimes create a tunnel vision that can obstruct the view of the essentials.

The essential thing is, if you have a real concern: to touch other hearts with your performance and the story you tell! This is exactly what other people ultimately expect from you as an artist. Period.

If that is neglected - no matter what genre you are in, your counterpart (that  Audience) do not pay any attention in the long term. If you stand on stage or any other platform and experience something like this, you will either no longer step on the stage or you will develop a certain strategy (which often happens) to survive this agonizing situation almost every time (these performers can too be "successful" but are mostly unhappy with what they are doing).


If your heart's concern is stronger than your vanity / obstinacy, the need for professional advice arises, e.g. in the form of coaching.

If you have read this far and are not offended or even think "Wow! This is where I might get to the point", the next sensible step for you could be coaching.

As artists, we are always first and foremost mediators, storytellers, ambassadors  - someone who wants to communicate something very specific to his counterpart  and for that he needs all of it  Attention.  The key question is:  Come  the stories that i  tell - my message,  credible over?


With the support of an experienced coach, you can achieve a lot in this direction in a short time.

A coach shows you with an "outside view" how you and yours  Performance come across in such a way that your music can shine and the way straight to the heart  your counterpart finds.


A coach will help you to see possible "blind spots" and, above all, to recognize:  Where are my strengths and  Talent, where is my real talent?

In your search for it  I like to support you .

A coaching consists of 2-3 units of 60 minutes each

Coaching 1

We sift through the musical material

and above all I listen.

Brief feedback

Coaching 2

We listen deeper into the music.

I'll show you what your music needs

so that she expresses that

what you want to tell.


Coaching 3

We're making a demo recording

and go into the analysis of your performance,

Interpretation / expression, song accompaniment,

Arrangements and instrumentation.





60min. 90.-



In the afternoon

or at evening

according to the arrangement


from 50km a total of 20.- route flat rate

Here you can make an appointment with me

Thank you - I'll get in touch

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