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"In principle, music has no beginning and no end. We pick something up and take it to a certain point where we let it go again. This is how we give the music  your individual touch. The essence of music in itself is selfless. "

about me

I discovered my love for the guitar around the age of 15 - my love for music already in kindergarten.

Since music is a "cultural asset" in  At home, I played a minor role, I took what was offered to me in the mid to late 70s: ABBA, The Sweet, Smokie, Susi Quatro and many others were the early musical heroes that we covered as little peas - with full playback of course. What fun!

From this time on, music played an important role in my life, sometimes even the most important role.

When it started with the guitar, they were with me - at least from the perspective of my family  - Hops and malt lost. Fortunately, my parents always let me do it. Even if it was often difficult for them to understand my musical escapades. Puberty is when parents get difficult ...

In these years, so between 1981 and  '85 there was a good selection of great guitarists and other musicians and artists who showed us young people life plans that we had never heard of before.

But the discovery of jazz and classical music also moved me deeply and shaped me in the same way.

And yet: It was only after various experiences and phases of life that I - at the age of 31 - made the decision to become a musician.

In the meantime I had completed vocational training in a completely different field, had my own wonderful family, found my spiritual path. Then I "emigrated" to Switzerland, explored a new professional field for a long time and so much more. The guitar was always there.

Years of preoccupation with music theory and music history (yes, all voluntary), the constant music practice and, last but not least, the great tips

from Rudolf Steiner on the essence of music, made me recognize the key and the codes with which I play and which I convey in all of my offers.

It's strange how long it takes some people to recognize their actual calling, even if you spend every free minute on it ... As the saying goes: you get to know the area better through detours.


It was all good for me. I always did what was important to me, what interested me and what I saw as a task.

The world is big and lifelong - you can do a lot there.  And there is no end in sight ...

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