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wildFang (Schrift) II_vect_small.png
Playground and creative laboratory for music activists

Maybe you want to try something completely different musically.

Or have you long wanted to find out how to move freely in a certain musical context?

and you  think that making music with others is great anyway.

Then wildFang is just right for you!

was dich erwartet

We move in a field of musical experiment and ensemble workshop.

We play relaxed, imaginative and attentive with musical ideas.

Almost always without grades, trusting that  our ears  are our best teachers.


Are you in the mood for an adventure? Then pack your instrument and let yourself be surprised ...


Every idea is implemented -  every instrument and every voice finds its place.


90 Minuten




4 bis 12 Teilnehmer

Bei einer Anmeldung, erhältst du einen Link für den Gratis-Download einer Auswahl von wildFang-Notenblättern.


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