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"I sing because I have a song  not because you like it ... "
Konstantin Wecker

Song workshop 

Write your own song ...

Yes, that's it.

You already have a text  -  but somehow it still limps.
You ask yourself: how should music be made out of it now?


You have music or a melody ... and also  an idea for a story.

How do I bring this together  how is all of this supposed to become a song?

Our feelings - ideas - pictures - thoughts belong to us
  all alone,

still want to  man  sometimes necessarily communicate them.
Perhaps they also have a meaning for others outside of my own cosmos.

  just come by and we will find a shape for all of this that suits you.

  Song workshop   and  

  Songwriter Circle 





    what you learn    

  • Song structures


  • Dealing with  melody

    Harmony and  rhythm

  • Your expression and yours  Find voice

  • Storytelling and text structure

from beginners

SFr. 80

(divided by the participants)


In the afternoon

or  at evening

according to the arrangement


Songwriter Circle 

We meet once a month and play our songs to the others.

A lot can arise from this.  A session, new ideas for your own pieces or for the  one  others. or  you notice that you fit together musically and do something together  - who knows...

The next dates

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