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Ammerswil choir

The mixed one  Choir Ammerswil sees itself as a pop / rock choir.

It consists of about 25 singers from all generations who dedicate themselves to a new project every year.

This year it was titled "Simply The Best" with songs from Supertramp, The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Travis, U2 and others.

Takes place every Tuesday evening  from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Ammerswil / AG  a regular one  sample  instead of.

Every now and then there is a rehearsal Saturday for the current one  To deepen repertoire;  because: that  respective project  finds his  Closing in the spring with two public concerts in which the  Singers  through  one  Tape or a  Ensemble are reinforced.

If you feel like stopping by, you are always welcome - just let us know.


Aktuell gibt es keinen Chor, den ich auf seiner Reise begleite und ich kann momentan auch keine längerfristigen Zusagen machen. Sobald sich jedoch genügend Menschen zusammenfinden, können wir sofort beginnen - auch während nur wenigen Treffen kann schon viel passieren. Schaue in meiner Standortbeschreibung, wo ich mich gerade aufhalte und sag bescheid.

Ich freue auf eine musikalischen Begegnung mit euch!


The setting of SONGBIRD is brought together with a choir: songs and songs from the current project of the inviting choir and a selection from the SONGBIRD songbook.


Everyone who likes to sing - sometimes within the polyphony of a choir - is cordially invited to experience their voice in a larger overall sound.  You just put yourself in one of the four groups (registers) and try to sing along with their voices.  Much is created spontaneously on site, such as a simple 2nd or 3rd voice.

Sometimes you only need very little for singing in a choir to make it sound great. - Even in unanimity there can be a lot of power ...

You don't need any knowledge of music or choir experience - and you might be amazed at how well your ears guide you.  Of course you can just be there and enjoy the music.

If you want to come, please register so that the choir can plan a bit.

Dates are here in the event calendar  announced. When you register, you will receive a download link for the grades and lead sheets.


Ammerswil choir

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