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The popular collections are now finally available to everyone!

  • A4 format for enough space for all information and still good legibility


  • Each lead sheet is divided into 3 sections:

    1     Text with chords and all relevant information for a quick implementation

    2     Notes with all sections / parts belonging to the title (intro / verse / refrain / interlude etc.)

    3     German translation of the text for foreign language titles

  • In addition, there is a sheet of music in the corresponding key for each song with a capo indication for the singing position:  example

(The singing position results from the experience with rather inexperienced singers, for whom the notes b / c often represent a critical limit; what goes beyond this is often perceived as uncomfortable.)

If the singing position should be different for your situation, you can order the sheet music you need for it below.


And the most important:

All sheets are reliable and adhere to the original templates in a practical manner, but at the same time are set in keys that are easy to play and easy to sing!

  • Here the gap is finally closed between loveless and imprecise short sheets (fast and superficial: incomplete, sometimes incorrect notes, chords and texts) and complex, overwhelming ensemble scores (which, to make matters worse, often cannot be sung at all because the original - pitches are way too high for most of us).

All of the booklets you can find here have been tried and tested for decades - so you can get started right away.

You can only find the structure and layout in this form here:

Individual composition

Only available from HANSHERZFUSS: You choose your own collection. No more books with songs that don't interest you at all!

The following editions are available

  • under & over (songs for little and big people)

Folk songs from different countries, gospels / spirituals, fun songs and folk songs


Table of Contents

  • edition wildFang (Playgrounds, Traditionals & Standards)

Instrumental pieces, songs and songs from all over the world (some with simple ensemble arrangements)


Table of Contents

New songs, songs and notes are added regularly. (see table of contents)


Basically: all amounts are donations; therefore there is no invoice. So you can feel free to give more or less. Your donation is an expression of your appreciation and your financial resources.


Indicative amounts

(although there is actually nothing in this form, here the usual retail / internet prices)

  • 1 title (1-4 pages: text / chords and notes + possibly singing position) (color inkjet print) 6.-

  • from 10 different single titles 4.50.- per title

  • Songbook with 40 titles (approx. 80 pages) (professional print, softcover, spiral binding, 120g paper) 42.-

  • from 10 identical songbooks 38.- per issue  (Delivery time for songbooks approx. 1 week)

  • larger orders by arrangement

  • Individual production of sheet music for singles per title (inkjet print) 8.-

Order process

1. You send me a list of the titles, stating whether you would like them as a loose collection of pages

   or if you want to receive it as a songbook (from 40 tracks),

    with your postal address and  the amount of your donation

2. You will receive a confirmation email with the account details

3.  As soon as your amount has been received, your order will go out

   and you will receive a notification email



up to 500g   Sfr. 3.-

up to 1000g  Sfr. 7.-

up to 2kg     Sfr. 15.-

EU countries

up to 100 g  € 5.-

up to 250 g  € 7.-

up to 500 g  € 10.-

up to 1000g  € 15.-

up to 2kg     € 30.-

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