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"What sounds better than a guitar?
Two guitars. "

"Playing the guitar is very easy," say those who can.

So that you do that once  I can also say about you, I have 4 learning levels  that develops you in the process  at best  supported.

As a beginner you start with LEVEL 1 and continue until  you know and can enough for your needs.

If you already play the guitar, you can choose a level that suits you and move on from there.

John McLaughlin


LEVEL 1 Survival Basics

survive on  Bonfires

You will learn how to play simple songs and songs with open basic chords

- The basics of the instrument

- Maintenance

- Basic guitar tools

- Basic orientation on the fingerboard

left hand

- Basic fingering pictures

- Understand chord families

- Insert capo

right hand

- Basic pattern for strumming

- Basic pattern for  Picking

- play with a pick

LEVEL 2  Thumb in the wind 

on the way  Streets and beaches

You learn  play more complex songs and songs with open and barre chords

- Sing 2nd voice
- transpose
- Barée chords

- Tone names on the fingerboard  to 4th fret

- simple scales  (pentatonic, blues,  diatonic)

- melody play (by ear)
- Improvisation 1 (define target tones)
- Rhythm 1 (beats, swing, groove)

LEVEL 3 · StagePass 

For everyone who wants more

You will learn how to give songs their own shape

- song structures
- own arrangements

- extended accompaniment options

- extended harmonies (sus4, add2, 9, major7 etc.)

- reharmonization
- interpretation + expression
- Rhythm 2 (continuation of 1)
- Improvisation 2 (improvisation as singing)

LEVEL 4  Final Cut 

it continues beyond the horizon

You will learn how to freely deal with musical content


- confident handling of what has been learned so far

- complementary music theory

- To read music

- ear training (intervals and harmonies)

This is what a progressive structure could look like - or completely different ...

Of course, you can also choose individual aspects from the 4 levels and combine them according to your needs.

There may also be topics that you would like to deal with that are not even listed here. - No problem: We integrate everything that interests you.


- Beginners (if you are ready to make the instrument your No.1 project)

- Advanced (e.g. from LEVEL 2/3)

- professionals (see musician coaching )


30 min. 45.-

45min. 60

60min. 80.-



In the afternoon

or in the evening

according to the arrangement


Beginner    1

from LEVEL 2 2-4 (if you play together)

Thank you - I'll get in touch

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