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Every ingredient affects the aroma

Improvise? - How does it work!?
Is everything in one tone?

Or is more more?

One thing is certain: music is always in motion - every note cannot be repeated.
Instead of playing by notes, we give our playing the right note.

Regardless of which instruments are currently present, we start, for example, with a single note, with a harmony or with a given or spontaneously found theme.

You get to know turnarounds, scales, grooves, cadences and much more, which enables you to work in each  to be able to jump into the musical situation spontaneously.

Right from the start, the ideas of each individual are in demand.
Of course you can just "swim along" and  watch and hear how it works when the miracle of music unfolds naturally.

Are you in the mood for an adventure?  Then let  let's get started.

Improvisation and free play


·  improvisation
· Musical communication

· Understand musical structures

· Develop accompanying voices





In the afternoon

or  at evening

according to the arrangement


from 3


20.- travel flat rate

from 40 km total

60min  90.-

Joy in  To learn

by trying out, playing and  develop further.

You say  me wherever you want -

together we are on our way.

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