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walk a mile in my shoes

& friends

In 2015 the musician collective walk a mile in my shoes & friends was created ,

an expanded creative platform from the HANSHERZFUSS group of ideas.

1-3  Members form the musical foundation and continuously develop new arrangements for cover songs and their own. ​​

But the band is also a playground for ambitious young musicians, regardless of age.

Everyone who wants to develop musically is welcome and can wander through musical landscapes with us for a while.

Then you belong to the  friends  and is part of the whole  Process:  of song development and  Live presentation at various events and occasions  from handling band equipment to dealing with situations in which everything runs completely differently than you thought  or the feeling  to be honored by the enthusiasm of the audience and participants.

Contact Maik anytime if that is what you are looking for.

walk a mile in my shoes & friends  aware of the traditional rituals of the music industry business  away.

It is clear to us that  there are still many people who want just that - one  steadily growing  number  but is basically getting more and more bored or seen through  the  Fraudulent labeling.

Pop music has developed into global "folk music" and is no more  longer only a matter of so-called  Professional musicians or a matter of media presence.


It is the mirror of our epoch and concerns everyone -  and everyone can play them in principle, because  that's actually how it is meant ..

is it a little more precise? ...

walk a mile in my shoes & friends stand for contemporary folk music of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The music of this era is commonly referred to as “pop music”, which means that it is popular, that it is  where it occurs, is heard and liked by most people.

Pop (lat.  populus =  People)  Seen in this way, it is basically folk music, with the crucial difference that it does not stand for a certain ethnic group, but for a certain culture across all peoples.


Long before the term “globalization” existed, this is exactly what music did: Originating in Europe and the USA, a new tradition has developed from this musical impulse over the past 80 years:  The same music connects people all over the world!


In the time in which its origins lie - geographically, especially in  the USA and  in England - it was invented and played by people who rarely had any musical training. The representatives of this music were shaped by their respective musical environment, which usually included traditional music of the region in which they lived.

When the radio and later the record became popular, these new media became another important source of inspiration for many, from which various new styles developed.


The decisive factor for “modern” music up until the 1930s, however, is that it was actually still self-sufficient and that it was not treated differently.  Just like any other type of traditional or folk music  it was played by the local people on all sorts of occasions and occasions:  as a festival  and  Dance music, in singing circles, jam sessions, etc.

And as it always has been and what has accompanied every development: The music of the parents and grandparents was always traditional and old, the music of the next generation was always new and modern; until this was then replaced by the music of their children and was then viewed by them as traditional and old. In this sense, what we understand as traditional music was also modern and contemporary.


At the end of the 30s, however, the success of what was then modern music caught the attention of some clever business people. The dream of fame and easy money beckoned  Naturally,  as always, countless wannabes  and free riders on the scene.

The consequences are well known -  not just for the development of music, but for everyone  Areas of life in which profit thinking and vanity  have taken the helm.


In the music world at the end of the 1950s, this turning point was represented by the name Elvis Presley (not his person). The moment of creation of the superstar, with all its tragic consequences (for the person).

This is where the alienation begins between the individual and the music that he likes and has therefore mostly played himself. The magic of the personality cult and the particular sound associated with a band or person began to unfold its suggestive power. To the point where we are in mainstream pop music today: everyone is trying to be someone else.


walk a mile in my shoes & friends want to help restore this music to its original shape; to bring it back onto the street, where it is accessible and playable for everyone - without external control through any media influences or an external claim to "correctness". Completely from the moment and from the mood in which we are currently. With the people on site and the instruments that are currently available - with unbridled enthusiasm for design and redesign!

Then pop music does not just become contemporary folk music, but perhaps even a kind of real one  World music ...

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