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the whole

is more

than the sum

its parts

The world is sound

What about the international relations musically ...
  Friendships in music?
Balkan Country? Jazz folk? African country traders?
  no problem.

Whether you stroke, pluck, scratch or whatever else you do musically:  we wrap old and new music in a wonderful electro-acoustic  Sound garb.

Sheet music from many styles is already available. You can also add your own sheet music or music to the  you already play, bring it with you.

We begin with the sifting and selection of the material and move playfully and experimentally with the music until we have found a form that is coherent for everyone.


Oh yes, and when you play music without notes, it's wonderful: many can learn from you.

A workshop consists of 6 units

To get to know

We play with what everyone has brought with them or what is available on site. Maybe we will invent new music ...

play with selection 1

We play with the selected pieces and develop a basic feeling for the music. The first ideas arise.

play with selection 2

We continue to play with the selected pieces and begin with the voice distribution and the arrangements.

Development of the pieces of music 1

The arrangements are taking shape and we are fine-tuning it.

Development of the pieces of music 2

Continuation of what has already been developed.

Home game

Playing our arrangements together and ending.


Concert rehearsal

Optionally, we can present our music in a concert.

The scope and location will be decided with the group.






    what you learn    


  • find your own expression

  • Improvisation / free play

  • arrangement

  • Develop accompanying voices

  • instrumentation



(for 6 units)

divided by the participants.

Usually 100 to 200

per person


according to the arrangement

Afternoon or evening


If you can find enough people in your place, I'll be happy to come to your home or yours  Rehearsal room.

If necessary, small performances can also be organized.

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